Welcome to the MCI Study Group Web Site

This site contains articles written for the MCI Study Group that was originally conceived and stewarded by Gordy Hill, a master certified casting instructor and former member of the Fly Fishers International (FFI) Casting Board of Governors (CBoG).

The group is intended as an aid for those who are working towards advanced casting instructor certification and may have limited access to other instructors in their geographic regions. In addition to those currently working towards certification the group has many members that have attained certification but remain with the group in order to continue learning and to assist others. We also have a number of well known instructors as well as a number of subject matter experts in various fields. There is no charge for membership and we welcome members from all casting certification organizations as well as those who have a genuine interest in casting certification.

Much of the material from the study group has been archived and is available here.

Stewardship of the study group is currently being carried on by Walter Simbirski, also a master certified casting instructor with FFI.

This site is open for public viewing but if you wish to participate in discussions and quizzes or receive notification of new articles as they become available then please contact me at mcistudygroup@shaw.ca with your name and email address in order to be included.