Professional Casting Instructor Workshop – January 21, 2017

Professional Casting Instructor Workshop

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Continuing Education Program under the auspices of the
Casting Board of Governors / International Federation of Fly Fishers

This is your invitation to join other Casting Instructors in an afternoon chock full of effective approaches to casting instruction that will help you get behavior change in your students.

A Kaleidoscope of Casting Competencies — When Casting Instructors with unique specialties and from different disciplines come together; ideas happen, bonds form, you learn new strategies, and catch onto the latest trends that can completely revolutionize your casting instruction business or practice. This is a Fly Casting Instruction Practicum where you can learn, grow, share, and turn your vision into reality.

Saturday, January 21, 2017 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm in the Southborough Room of the Royal Plaza Hotel in conjunction with the Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough, Massachusetts

Macauley Lord – Classic Casting: This is where it all starts: Fly Casting’s ABC’s

Mac has always had an acute interest in developing teaching techniques that simplify the sport. His classic approach is “the standard” for the novice, intermediate and advanced casting student. Mac,the Dean of Fly Casting Instructors in the Northeast, has been awarded the highest distinction in the fly casting world, the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the IFFF. He is author of the LLBean Fly Casting Handbook (Lyons Press), was a longtime editor of our IFFF fly casting newsletter The Loop, when he served on our Casting Board of Governors, and was for two decades the Head Instructor for the LLBean Fly Fishing Schools.

Jim Valle – Spey Casting: The fastest growing aspect of our Fly Casting

Jim holds every Casting Instructor Certification the IFFF offers (CI, THCI, and MCI) and currently serves on the Casting Board of Governors. With a specialization in both Single Hand and Two Hand Spey Casting , he has been the featured instructor at show clinics, a college course, IFFF Fairs and the IFFF Youth Program, Jim was singled out and recognized by the IFFF for his worldwide instruction and named recipient of the Mel Krieger Casting Instructor Award. He is a member of the G. Loomis Pro Staff and the Fly Fishing Pro at Woods and Waters in Wall, NJ.

Jean François Lavallêe – Fly Fishing Casts: This is really what people want to learn

Montreal resident and principal/owner of the Modulus Fly Fishing School, JF was the first Québécois to become a Board Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor . His climb to greater heights in Instruction led him discover the world of competitive fly fishing and his expertise is evident. In 2014 he won the individual title as the Canadian National Fly Fishing Champion while leading his Team EnDiables to the Team Championship title. In 2016 JF fished for his country (Canada’s Red Team) in the Ten Country Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships. He tied for first place in the number of fish caught and caught the biggest trout in the Tournament.

Louis Lortie – Putting It All Together: How can I get to Teach more?

Louis who lives in Quebec City is a Senior Captain flying world-wide for Air Canada, an accomplished CCI and holder of the IFF Fly Tying Skills Award. He decided that he wanted to have an opportunity to get more involved with Fly Casting instruction so he organized, promoted and facilitated a three day event which he called Rendez-vous Les Escoumins, and the event took off.

The Rendez-vous was held in the town of Les Escoumins ( pop 1,700-732 houses) up on the Côte-Nord (256 kilometers -4 1/2 hours) Northeast of Quebec City. 138 people registered for 12 classes or workshops, another 51 people participated in the Casting Games. There was a town sponsored Spaghetti Supper in the Community Center, Awards for Casting games, and the administration of two CI tests. Louis will share with you the story of how he did it (and probably invite you to this year’s Rendez-vous).

“The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, rather to hold a persons’s feet only long enough to enable them to put the other foot somewhat higher”…Bill Gove

You will need to do two things to take part in this Workshop:

1) Contact Rod McGarry at or phone 207-615-4804 and ask that a seat be held for you …and

2) Mail a check for $22 ( payable to IFFF) and send to Rod McGarry, 22 Braddish Ct, Portland, ME 04013

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